Purohit Academy

Purohit Academy is the certification board for purohits in North America. After successful completion of written an oral examinations, a diploma as Sanskaar Shaastri and a certificate of ordination as a Vedic Purohit will be issued.

This will certify the individual as legally commissioned to perform Marriages, etc. in accordance to Federal and State Laws in North America. Help is available upon request in preparing and studying to become a Sanskaar Shaastri.

Candidates will be tested on knowledge of basic Sanskaar Philosophy, correct pronunciation of the mantras, and the ability to perform Havan with proficiency.


Sanskaar Shastri – Part 1

  • The Basic theory of Sanskaar
  • A brief introduction to Sanskaar literature (Grihya Sutras)
  • Sanskaar Vidhi of Swami Dayanand Saraswati
  • Sandhya
  • Havan

Sanskaar Shastri – Part 2

  • The Advanced theories of Sanskaar
  • A complete introduction to Sanskaar Literature (Grihya Sutras)
  • Sanskaar Vidhi of Swami Dayanand Saraswati – History of both editions
  • The Sixteen Sanskaars:
  1. Garbhaddhan, Impregnation
  2. Punsavan, 3rd month in pregnancy
  3. Seemanton-nayan, 6th month in pregnancy
  4. Jaat-karma, Birth
  5. Naam-karan, Naming
  6. Nish-kraman, Stepping out of home for first time
  7. Anna-praashan, Feeding grains for first time
  8. Mundan, Shaving
  9. Karna-vedha, Piercing the ears
  10. Upa-nayan, Investiture with sacred thread
  11. Vedaa-rambha, Commencing school
  12. Samaa-vartan, Completing school
  13. Vivaah, Marriage
  14. Vaan-prasth, Retirement
  15. Sannyaas, Renunciation
  16. Antyeshti, Cremation

The certification fee for Sanskar Shastri is $175. Click here for application form.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Arya Pathik, Girish C. Khosla Vanprasthi
5450 Daniels Drive, Troy, MI 48098
Email: girish@aryasamaj.com
Tel: (248) 879-2531