Satyartha Prakash

Satyartha Prakash is the magnum opus of Maharshi Dayanand. He wrote this great book for the benefit of all human beings to make a better place to live.

spSatyartha Prakash sharpens the minds of intelligentsia – academia, philosophers, and research scholars in the fields of anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and religious studies. Satyartha Prakash is the royal path to reach the destination of realizing the super soul. It arouses consciousness to seek further explorations in the field that are basic to self, society and the nation. It not only gives unique answers, but also clears dogmas, superstitions, that misguide the general population that create frustration, division and social calamities as currently occurring in the middle east, Europe, Africa and elsewhere wherever fanatics and extremists have hijacked religion which is meant to improve society with peace of mind, prosperity, security and freedom to interact without fear or destruction of any kind.

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