VDAT – Vedic Dharma Aptitude Test

Vedic Dharma Aptitude Test (VDAT) is the first nationwide test for Sanatan Hindu Vedic Concepts. Arya Pratinidhi Sabha America (APSA) is committed to strengthen the roots of Vedic knowledge in our youth and adults. In order to meet this goal, APSA is organizing an introductory program to impart knowledge on various concepts of Vedic Dharma and Vedic wisdom. Starting with level 1 in December 2017 the test would be held in Test Centers (Arya Samajs and other organizations) in various cities  in North America and online.

The Vedic Dharma Aptitude Test is a computer based online and/or on paper test that assesses examinee’s knowledge on Sanaatan Vedic Dharma concepts and principles. It requires knowledge of Vedic Dharma values, culture, satya (virtue) and Sanatan Dharma (the essence of living).  

Our children are living in extreme global diversities, different cultures, values and belief systems. The influence of the external environment can take them away from their roots and traditions. Knowledge and understanding of the Vedic Dharma will empower them to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad. It will help lay a strong foundation that will help them understand the purpose of life and deal confidently with its struggles and challenges.

APSA will provide the reading material/handouts to prepare for the exam. Curriculum of the study is developed by various experts and scholars of Arya Samaj. A candidate who successfully registers for the exam would have access to the study material for self-study and expert sessions using audiovisual aids.

After going through the training program, candidates will be able to better understand their roots, culture and belief. They will be able to distinguish within Dharma and religion, get an in depth understanding of Dharma that is more practical and can be used in the daily lives. The test will familiarize one with essential beliefs of Veda’s and guide one’s journey towards attaining realization and bliss. Vedas are the root of all knowledge. They guide us to live a virtuous life.  This test and the training help provide a better understanding of the concepts driven from Vedas.

The test will be administered by a local organization in supervision of a designated authority.  The VDAT does not measure an examinee based on their name, state or origin. It measures and tests their knowledge and depth of understanding on the concepts provided in study material.

Upon passing all the four levels of the test, the examinee will be given a certificate – Vedic Dharma Envoy. In 2017, we will conduct first level and will gradually increase one level each year.  The test will be open to public as well and will be advertised at local level by various Arya Samajs. As an Envoy, the seekers will take this belief forward, educate and enlighten others on essence of leading a good virtuous life.

The format of exam would be multiple choice questions. A candidate has to score 70% or above to pass the VDAT and qualify for the next level. Candidates scoring 50-69% would get a chance to reappear and those who score 49% or below need to review study material again, then attempt in next session, they can’t go to next level.

Online Registration via this link: http://tinyurl.com/vdat-reg.

Study material will be available on Oct 1st.

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